Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Spirit of Delilah

The ruling spirits which are working to destroy the Body of Christ from within are Jezebel and Delilah. Recognizing them is vital to your spiritual safety - and to mounting an effective and appropriate spiritual response. I already shared a blog article on Jezebel, so what about the spirit of Delilah?

The name Delilah is spelled in Hebrew as “DELIYLAH” which means “pining with desire”. The meaning of her name is self-explanatory. She pins you down with desire! Her whole being, presence, speech, look and action exude “seduction”. She makes her victims suffer mentally and physically with desire for her. She is the epitome of a Seductress.

This spirit of Delilah is assigned to destroy all men and women of prominence, people with a purpose in life, any pastor or leader who is in ministry.

The devil sends women to churches that have this spirit to terminate the church and cause the church leader to commit emotional and physical adultery, thereby losing the blessing and anointing of Yahweh. Her role is through the door of relationships or marriages. She uses relationships to discover her victim’s strengths, so that she can destroy them, draining out their spiritual power and ultimately removing them from Yahweh’s Work. Sadly this spirit can be in someone and this person won’t realize that they are being used by a spirit of Delilah to destroy others. Please remember that even though we refer to Delilah as “her”, this spirit is genderless.

Just as there are 18 identifying characteristics of the Jezebel spirit, here are also 18 Identifying Characteristics of the Delilah spirit:

1. Delilah is highly skilled in taming people through seduction (which may be accomplished with flattery, praise, friendship or sexual advances). Even the strongest of Christians can be beguiled by her, if they do not stay alert in the Spirit. Delilah especially is after people of prominence and uniqueness; people in the spot light, anointed ministers of God, gifted men and women, and those who are in effective relationships or marriages. Her assignment is to drain the power and blessing of God from your life. When this is accomplished, just as she did with Sampson long ago, the formerly anointed person is made spiritually weak and ordinary.

2. Like Jezebel, she will fool those around her by being at the worship every Sabbath, at every Bible study and every all night prayer. She will be punctual and completely involved in many if not all spiritual activities, as this is her way to get close to the spiritual leaders. She wants his head on her lap.

3. Delilah’s love money. She is the modern day gold-digger but only far wiser and refined than the average money seeker. With one need or another, she will financially drain her victim.

4. She is immoral. She is filled with ungodly and perverse sensual desires and arts. She preys upon anyone who can best be used to weaken the Body of Christ, whether they are married or not.

5. Day after day, she will keep relentlessly pursuing and pressuring her victim to leave his/her marriage partner. She may seduce the Christian to become sexually involved with her. Or she may work to induce the spiritual target to run away with her or commit any other sin with her. This she will persuade softly – even over a period of many months or years - until the target listens to her voice. Enduring such long-term pressure should be totally unnecessary, as Christians should discern this spirit quickly and respond to it appropriately, rather than enduring its pressure over a long period of time.

6. Delilah is like a Jack of all trades. She knows the tricks, navigations, avenues, points and steps in getting a person’s attention. She is a chameleon who purposely takes on the likes and dislikes of her target. She will appear to ardently love hiking and backpacking, if her target is an avid outdoorsman. Most deceptively, she will also appear to love God and to be deeply concerned with the salvation of souls, if her target is truly evangelistic in heart. Whatever it takes to convince her intended victim that she is his/her soul-mate or soul-sister (as the case was with us), that is what she will appear to be.

7. Delilah will try to get close to people in your life in order to demolish you. She will do this by gaining your friends’ and family members’ confidences through politeness and kindness. Then as time goes by, your loved ones might begin to open up about you and your relationship to her. She can play miss “shoulder to cry on” and miss “good listener”. Little by little a bond will develop and before you know it people in your life will join her in helping her pursuit of you – as her target. Great anointed men like Samson fell because of her guile.

8. Delilah works to wreck homes, marriages and relationships.

9. She is a seductress. This spirit is skilled in luring and taming men and women. You will find yourself being drawn to this sort of person without any particular reason and wonder why you are so excited to see him/her. It’s important to always put on the full Armor of God that you may stand!

10. Delilah is hellishly empowered to find out where you are strong and how to turn this strength into a vulnerability and weakness. Her assignment is to take your power, terminate your strengths and imprison you through your weaknesses. This hellish purpose is carried out (unless defeated by the power of Yahweh) so that you will be spiritually idle and ordinary like the rest of the world.

11. She has vast likeable qualities, which leave you confused on what you really like about her. Like a chameleon, she fits everywhere as a perfect, good Christian. In fact, if you were to begin to suspect her and suggest that she was at work in a person, others already under this spirit’s influence would jump to Delilah’s defense, insisting that the Delilah person is the most sincere and committed of Christians one could ever hope to meet! However those whom she has stung in the past know about her ugly side, but this track record is one she carefully covers from view. Often this is accomplished by uprooting and moving to a new area, leaving behind family and friends.

12. She is very knowledgeable about what men or women want and need emotionally and physically. Delilah knows how to treat her intended victim like a king. She’ll be willing to do everything that your spouse won’t - and she’ll do it exceptionally well.

13. She knows the vulnerable areas of her victim - and how to minister to them like a mother holds and comforts her son when he has fallen down. She is polite, gentle and quiet. She will not criticize, because she realizes that this causes her target to be defensive. Rather she is qualified in the language of praise. Praise is her native tongue. You may discern this spirit in a person who praises you more than your spouse, even in petty things that do not need praise - you will find the person with this spirit praising anyway. It is because this spirit is after your relationship. She especially takes advantage of a situation wherein your partner is meeting your emotional needs.

14. She is able to make her victim feel more secure within a short space of time through her pretended gentleness. She is trained and gifted in this. Delilah builds relationships with her prey founded on safety, praise, peace and warmth. But her true motives for presenting herself in this warm and caring manner are to destroy, which is quite the opposite of how she presents herself. Remember, Delilah is after the favor of God upon you, your family, your business, your ministry and your marriage. She will do all she can through seduction to make sure this favor departs from you and that you are completely neutralized and left bound in shame.

15. She will make you believe that you have some kind of deep connection together and that you were meant to be best friends or soul mates. Even though this is completely inappropriate and you are already with someone, the person with this spirit will indirectly pressure you daily until you believe it.

16. This spirit is persistent. The person with this spirit will pester you daily with sweet words. Do not think a “No” will stop them from pursuing you. The only way to win is to completely cut off all lines of communication with this hellishly empowered person.

17. Make-up, beautiful hair, appealing clothes and shoes are Delilah’s physical armor, if her target is a man. Likewise a man with this spirit will be very well groomed in a sexually attractive way and usually indirectly splashing out his money or financial assets, wining and dining his intended victim.

18. If the Delilah spirit is working in a woman, to seduce a Christian man, she will often design a secluded environment in order to trap a man into compromise with her. Only a man who flees from her will escape sin and her demonic bondage and destruction.

If your Christian fellowship group or spiritual family hasn’t already been infiltrated by a Jezebel or Delilah, you should be aware that such an infiltration is likely. And it may come in the form of one human face, masking both spirits – as happened to us. This is so likely because, the spirits of Jezebel and Delilah, as we have already shown, are the two leading principalities of darkness spearheading the attack against the Body of Messiah in the Last Days.

Sadly, because of our ignorance, these spirits have been having great success at destroying. But, it is not God's Will for hell to prevail over His House! Warriors of Christ - be armed and vigilant! The spirits of Jezebel and Delilah must not be permitted to weaken or destroy any part of the Kingdom of God! And prayerfully recognizing them immediately is critical to victory against them.

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: Whom resist steadfast in the faith…” 1 Peter 5:8-11

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