Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Daily Bible Reading - February 22, 2017

Today's Reading:

Matthew 4

Exodus 25-27

Proverbs 12

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Thoughts and Commentary on Today's Reading:

In Proverbs, we are told that our lives are to bear "fruit" and "he that winneth souls is wise". One of the most inspiring and effective street evangelists I have ever witnessed in action is Ray Comfort. In a matter of minutes, under the unction of the Holy Spirit, Ray Comfort is able to lead people to Christ - even hard-core, intimidating, neo-nazi types! 

He uses a series of questions, which get a person to think. Always, his questions eventually lead a person to think about the Law of God - because Ray understands that God's Law is a vital catalyst in conversion.

Psalm 19:7 "The Law of the LORD (Yahweh) is perfect, converting the soul: the testimony of the LORD (Yahweh) is sure, making wise the simple."

I've often listened to Ray, speaking to people on the street, and I've prayed to learn from him (because he models his approach after Christ's Own - asking the person key questions). Ray starts off this video by introducing the sad subject of Abortion, comparing it to the Holocaust. But, as vital as this topic is, the real point of Ray's questions to these people is to help them think, leading them Christ.

Today, I thought it would be blessing to grow our own ability to bear fruit and win souls for the Kingdom by watching Ray Comfort's inspiring video "180". It is just 33 minutes long. Pay special attention to not only the inspiring content, but also the effective evangelism techniques - once used by our Saviour Himself (Who would ask key questions that convicted the heart).