Sunday, October 1, 2017

Daily Bible Reading - October 1, 2017

Today's Reading:

Revelation 2

Nehemiah 3

Psalm 97

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Thoughts and Commentary on Today's Reading   

Today is the Day of Atonement. This is the most awesome and serious of all days of the year. It is the Day which foreshadows Yahweh's righteous Judgment. Psalm 97 is very fitting for this day:

Psalm 97:2-3 "Clouds and darkness are round about Him: righteousness and judgment are the habitation of His Throne. A fire goeth before Him..."

So, today, I'm going to share with you about the significance of Atonement. In it, there is a powerful reason to praise Yahweh, as David did in Psalm 97.

When humanity fell, we lost our connection with Yahweh. We could no longer dwell in His holy Presence. We were separated from God by an impassable chasm of sin.

The Work of Atonement was Heaven’s solution. The Saviour came and formed a bridge over the chasm of Sin. 

We could now cross over from the realm of sin and death to be reconciled with Heaven in life and purity.  Simply having the bridge there isn’t enough to deliver us from sin and death. We must pass over the bridge. This means that Yahshua’s Atoning work effects no personal change until we take the necessary steps to personalize the Atonement. As you study how Yahshua formed this Atoning Bridge, you will find keys for how you can receive that Atonement and pass over the Bridge, personally.

To deepen this study, I encourage you to go to the following link, print a copy of our Day of Atonement worksheet, and complete it as you read through this blog study today:

Now let's start by reading Romans 5:10-11 and Leviticus 4:31:

Now look at the bottom half of your handout – first page.  What does the word “Atonement” mean in these passages from Romans and Leviticus? To answer this, we’re going to look up the word “atonement” in the Hebrew and in the Greek. Fill out your worksheet as shown below:

Now please take out the handout sheet titled Personally Experiencing Atonement.

We’ll start out with the side which says How the Saviour Formed the Atoning Bridge for Me – Restoring my Connection to Heaven.

The Scripture links for this portion of the worksheet are below:

 Now let's fill out the bottom portion, to see how our Saviour completed the Bridge (Scripture links are below the picture):

Now please turn over to the back side and let’s see How we Pass Over the Atoning Bridge Restoring Our Connection to Heaven.

We’ll start from the bottom of the sheet, following the steps we must each take to pass over the Heavenly Bridge and complete the Atonement transformation.  

These are the steps to take to pass over the Bridge which the Saviour has provided. 

Do you want to receive a Blessing on Judgment Day? Do you desire to fully prepare for the final Day of Atonement, when probation comes to a close? All you need to do to prepare is use the Bridge! Won't you bow your head and ask Him to help you use it today?