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Dear Torah Portion Reader...

I am very excited that the Spring Feast is just around the corner! We are now in the final preparation count-down, which for us at Lighted Way Ministries is an "all-hands-on-deck" scenario. In the next few weeks and days, I will be finishing the book "God's Amazing Star Secret" (which I pray to have fresh from the press at Passover, on April 1, 2018), I will be writing the sermons, putting together the children's program, cooking (and freezing) the casseroles to serve during the Retreat week, and more...

In order to accomplish all of this, I will not be taking time to write the Torah portion commentaries during this period of time. However, that does not mean that anyone need to get behind. The following is the Torah reading and study schedule for the next few weeks. As you keep up with this schedule, you will be on track to complete all 613 Statutes this year. So, from now to April 14, the Torah portions will be posted without comment. Commentary and the usual Torah portions will resume on April 15. Thank you for your patience! And happy studying in the meantime :-)

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Daily Bible Reading - April 11, 2017

Today's Reading:

Acts 2:14-47

Deuteronomy 15-16

Job 11

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Thoughts and Commentary on Today's Reading:

Welcome to Passover/Unleavened Bread! During this period of time (April 11-18, 2017), my husband and I will be hosting our Spring Retreat. I will not be posting commentary on our daily Bible readings during these dates, but I will post the Daily Bible reading selection each morning, as usual.

In place of my usual commentary, I will be posting links for you to join us via Livestream for the powerful, spiritual talks which will be given at this Feast in the Word of God.

Since today is Passover, April 11, 2017, we will only be having one Livestream broadcast. It is the Passover Seder itself, which will air on Livestream at 6 PM (PST). JOIN US ON LIVESTREAM!

In this Livestream presentation you will experience the Gospel in the Passover in an unforgettable Seder ceremony and program. You and your family may participate with us by watching on Livestream, and by having the following Seder items (which you will partake of during the Seder program - we will tell you when to partake of them). So, get the following Seder foods, and have them ready to enjoy and then tune in with us:

Seder Foods:

1) Grape juice (1 glass per family member)

2) horse radish sauce (1 tsp per adult - less for kids)

3) haroset (you can use apple butter) 1 TBSP per person

4) matzah (1 unbroken sheet, or square, per person)

5) salt water (mix 1/4 tsp salt in 2 TBSP water - per person)

6) parsley (1 generous sprig of fresh parsley per person)

Additional items:

- pans and towels for footwashing - for everyone in your family 

Then, just tune in to our broadcast and you can do everything we do - when we do it! May you have a blessed Passover! 

It's going to be a powerful and Spirit-filled Week! Glad to have you with us!