Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Daily Bible Reading - November 8, 2017

Today's Reading:

Titus 1

Jeremiah 13-14

Psalm 125

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Thoughts and Commentary on Today's Reading   

There are many beautiful symbols, given in Scripture, which represent the saved people of God. One of them is Mount Zion.

Psalm 125:1-2 "They that trust in Yahweh shall be as mount Zion, which cannot be removed, but abideth for ever. As the mountains are round about Jerusalem, so Yahweh is round about His people from henceforth even for ever."

Occurring over 150 times in the Bible, the word “Zion” essentially means “fortification.” In the Bible, Zion is both the city of David and the city of God. As the Bible progresses, the word “Zion” transitions from referring primarily to a physical city to having a more spiritual meaning. On earth, in the Last Days, Zion is the saved people of God.

In the Last Days, the prophecies of a holy Zion aren't about a literal place on earth. Holy Zion is the people who trust in Yahweh.
Isaiah 51:16  "And I have put My Words in thy mouth, and I have covered thee in the shadow of Mine Hand, that I may plant the heavens, and lay the foundations of the earth, and say unto Zion, Thou art My people."

We are probably familiar with the call to come out of Babylon in the Last Days. But we aren't just being called out of Babylon into a neutral state. We are being called out of Babylon and into Zion!